Rock Collector 2

$ 89.95 $ 99.95

The Naturekids Rock Collector 2 is designed for kids who are serious about their rocks!  This kit is built around a kid-sized rock hammer with made-in-the-USA quality.  With a 10 oz head, this chisel-point rock hammer is the perfect size for a young rock hound to handle safely.  Always have your child wear the safety goggles that are included in the kit.  Other field gear includes a 5x/10x field magnifier, 8 in stainless steel ruler, mineral test kit and field journal.  For learning, DK's Eyewitness series Rocks & Minerals is hard to beat, and Dover's Rocks & Minerals coloring book includes a lot of instructional information as well as large, detailed pictures of various rocks to color.  Also included are a selection of polished rocks with an ID sheet to help with identification, 2 crackable Geodes and a 15 cell rock display box to showcase the collection.  Appropriate for ages 8 - 13.  Pack Size guide: M - ages 8-12, L - ages 11-13.  M packs are available in Red & Khaki, L packs are available in Red, Olive, & Camo.