Rocks and Minerals for Kids

Kids love Rocks! Take them out on a hike, and the little rock hounds are likely to come home with their pockets full of rocks! It is easy to channel that enthusiasm into lifelong interest in Geology. Naturekids offers several activity kits in rock collecting and geology for kids, along with rocks, fossils and archaeology for kids. After all, rocks are pretty, rocks can give us clues into the past, and rocks are all around us.

From rubies to coal to bricks, rocks and minerals are an integral part of everyday life. Chances are there is a fascinating geologic story to be seen near you if you know what to look for. One of the best resources to be had is the state by state "Roadside Geology" series. These books give an in-depth look at local geology and where to find rocks and fossils. I can testify that there is nothing quite like crawling inside the cast of a Rhinoceros between layers of volcanic basalt or standing on a giant slab of rock polished as flat as a table by an ice age glacier.

So, prepare for the next family vacation by bringing a rock hammer, journal and sturdy backpack to carry out the treasures. It will save wear and tear on the pants pockets!