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Where to find a community of Nature-lovers

All over the country, groups of concerned parents and nature-lovers are banding together to form local communities that focused on bringing the outdoor experience back to children.  Richard Louv's landmark book Last Child in the Woods has galvanized a worldwide back-to-nature movement that connects more than three million children and youth to some kind of nature activity annually.  Called the Children & Nature Network, this is a great place to start looking for as there is likely a community near you.  Sign up for the Newsletter, find a chapter near you, or attend the 2015 C&NN Conference in Austin, Texas April 7-9, 2015.  C&NN's Directory lists over 100 regional and local state and local organizations

If you are interested in becoming a Nature Mentor, You can join the Natural Leaders Network.  You can download a packet to help you get started.