Bird Watching for Kids

Looking for nearby nature? Then look no further than the birds in your backyard! Bird Watching is a great place to start your child's forays into the natural world. Chances are that birds already live all around you, and it's easy to attract even more birds by setting up bird feeders, and adding two or three birdhouses in the right locations around your yard.

Start your child's bird watching experience today by ordering the Naturekids' "Birdwatcher" activity kit. Make sure to encourage him/her to take the binoculars and field guide to the park and on family vacations.  When I was a child, my parents would offer incentives to encourage my sister and me to keep a list of the birds and animals we had seen. In case you doubt this is effective for kids, read my Facebook blog post about a memorable family vacation, and the bird list that my sister and I still talk about!

Kids also love to play with a bird call. Whenever we set up a Naturekids exhibit, the bird call is one of the most popular items on the table! The Audubon Bird Call is a classic that has stood the test of time. A remarkable variety of very authentic sounding bird songs and calls can be produced with this tiny bird call!

Another fun project for kids is to build a bird house kit. Bluebirds, wrens, and chickadees are all common cavity nesters, and can be enticed into setting up housekeeping within sight of your picture window. Your child will love building the nesting box and then watching the birds come and go as they build their nest, feed their young, and finally fledge their brood. The Naturekids wren house is a great first bird house, but bird house design is only limited by your imagination. I've seen some very large and elaborate Purple Martin colony bird houses!